A tour of Corfe Castle, Dorset

My next tour of a historical site is stunning Corfe Castle in Dorset, which has a fantastic setting in the Purbeck Hills. I often visited the place as a child, and it shaped my perception of the ideal castle. The thing I love most about Corfe is the strange shape of the ruins, with wallsContinue reading “A tour of Corfe Castle, Dorset”

My Ten Favourite Castles in England

Over the past year or so I have been on a quest to visit as many castles in England (and Wales) as possible. This has meant that I have seen some wonderful places around the country (although there are many more that I intend to visit). However, in this blog post I am going toContinue reading “My Ten Favourite Castles in England”

Royal Castles and Coastal Defence in the Hundred Years’ War

(Dover Castle, Kent) In this blog post I discuss the research that I have carried out into the role of royal castles in coastal defence in southern England in the late fourteenth century. My findings have been published in full in the journal Nottingham Medieval Studies. To read more see, Dan Spencer, ‘The Castle atContinue reading “Royal Castles and Coastal Defence in the Hundred Years’ War”