Establishing royal authority in the Welsh Marches in 1460

(Photograph of Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire) On the night of 12 October 1460, the Yorkist lords abandoned their army, encamped at Ludford Bridge a short distance from Ludlow, and took flight. They eventually reached safety overseas, but their followers were forced to submit to the royalists led in person by Henry VI. The king subsequently issuedContinue reading “Establishing royal authority in the Welsh Marches in 1460”

Denbigh Castle and the Wars of the Roses

Denbigh was founded in the late thirteenth century following the conquest of north Wales, on the site of a previous Welsh residence, which is situated on a hilltop that looks over the Vale of Clwyd. Henry de Lacy was granted the lordship of Denbigh by Edward I in October 1282, with building work immediately beginningContinue reading “Denbigh Castle and the Wars of the Roses”