Establishing royal authority in the Welsh Marches in 1460

(Photograph of Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire) On the night of 12 October 1460, the Yorkist lords abandoned their army, encamped at Ludford Bridge a short distance from Ludlow, and took flight. They eventually reached safety overseas, but their followers were forced to submit to the royalists led in person by Henry VI. The king subsequently issuedContinue reading “Establishing royal authority in the Welsh Marches in 1460”

A Survey of Oswestry Castle in 1397

(Oswestry Castle) Oswestry in Shropshire was once an important border castle in the Welsh Marches. Its situation on the top of a natural mound meant that it would have dominated the surrounding landscape, with its main feature being a great tower (otherwise known as a keep). However, the systematic destruction of the site in theContinue reading “A Survey of Oswestry Castle in 1397”