The Castle in the Wars of the Roses

My latest book, The Castle in the Wars of the Roses, was published last month by Pen & Sword. I am hugely excited to be able share the fruits of my labour with other people. It is has taken years of research and writing to get here, but it is great to see the finishedContinue reading “The Castle in the Wars of the Roses”

Alnwick Castle and the Wars of the Roses

It is hard to believe when looking at pretty Alnwick today, that it was a fiercely contested and fought over place in the late fifteenth century. In fact Alnwick was subjected to more sieges than any other castle during the Wars of the Roses. Alnwick was founded in around c.1100 by the Vescy family, whoContinue reading “Alnwick Castle and the Wars of the Roses”

A tour of Carreg Cennen Castle, Carmarthenshire

(View of the outer and inner ward from the south-east) Carreg Cennen Castle has a stunning location, situated as it is on top of a limestone precipice, in a beautiful area close to the western boundary of the Brecon Beacons National Park in south Wales. Before taking you on a tour of the castle, I will begin by providing a brief overviewContinue reading “A tour of Carreg Cennen Castle, Carmarthenshire”