The History Dogs

Daisy and Archie outside Old Sherborne

(Daisy and Archie outside Old Sherborne Castle, Dorset)

I am accompanied on many of my excursions to castles by my Labradors, Daisy and Archie. Visiting a castle is a great excuse for taking the dogs out on a walk. Particularly as English Heritage, Cadw and the National Trust allow dogs on leads at most of their sites. So far, they have visited the ruins of castles and abbeys in the south and south-west of England, the Midlands and Yorkshire. This year they will most likely be visiting castles and other historical sites in south Wales and the Welsh Marches. If you have any other suggestions for must visit castles for them to explore then do let me know!

You can follow the activities of Daisy and Archie on Instagram. Their username is: thehistorydogs

Daisy and Archie at Barnard Castle

(Daisy and Archie at Barnard Castle, County Durham)