Full list of publications


The Castle at War in Medieval England and Wales (Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2018)

Co-authored books

Anne Curry, Peter Hoskins, Thom Richardson, Dan Spencer, The Agincourt Companion (London: Andre Deutsch, 2015)

Journal articles

‘Royal Castles and Coastal Defence in the Late Fourteenth Century’, Nottingham Medieval Studies, (2018)

‘”The Scourge of the Stones”: English Gunpowder Artillery at the Siege of Harfleur’, Journal of Medieval History, 43:1 (2017), 59-73

‘The Tower of London and Firearms in the Reign of Edward IV’, Arms & Armour, 13:2 (2016), 98-110

‘The Provision of Artillery for the 1428 Expedition to France’, Journal of Medieval Military History, 13 (2015), 179-192

‘The Lancastrian Armament Programme of the 1450s and the Development of Field Guns’, The Ricardian, 25 (2015), 61-70

‘Adapting to New Technology: Roxburgh Castle and the Scottish Marches’, Emergence, 6 (2014), 1-7

‘Edward Dallingridge: Builder of Bodiam Castle’, Ex Historia, 6 (2014), 81-98


The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century, Thom Richardson (Leeds: The Royal Armouries, 2016) Reviews in History, 2017

Saltpeter: the Mother of Gunpowder, David Cressy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) Reviews in History, 2014